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My911 - Impact Management Worldwide

Unmatched peace of mind for as little as 9 cents a day. Learn more:

Automatic accident response, auto assistance and emergency response.

Now you can carry confidence with you all the time, no matter your location: Introducing My911, the ultimate mobile solution for automatic emergency alerts and response. My911, a solution provider for emergency and non-emergency related services worldwide supporting Android, BlackBerry and iPhone smartphones. Get from point A to point B safely with My911 on your Smartphone. All for as little as 9 cents a day. Whether you are camping, hiking, riding your bicycle, driving your motorcycle or driving in your car, My911 offers you a full featured versatile solution for your smartphone or standard cell phone. Smartphone (Android, BlackBerry and iPhone) emergency management solution w/ impact, SOS, nurse line, roadside assistance, GPS Notify friends & family, traffic, weather, high crime advisory, cyber alerts, online LBS tracking portal. Geo-Fencing, Trip Reporting, Speed Reporting, Incident Tracking and Reporting.

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Article Date 3/5/2012 2:13:13 PM
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