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Dealing With Scammers and Fakes

How to deal with scammers with fake accounts.

What`s With The Fake Accounts!

Fake accounts are a big problem on any social network. How do you keep the fakes out and not block real people?

The answer to that is YOU CAN'T. The only thing you can do is make this place as crappy for them as they are making it for everyone else.

These people are after one thing. 'Your Money'... Plain and simple. Don't give it to them!!! But for fun and to make their life as miserable as you can, pretend that you will.

Here is what I do when dealing with them... They are all the same and not very smart. They will all ask you for your yahoo ID or some other ID. I Just make up one up and give it to them or better yet give them the ID of the last scammer that contacted me!

Mess with their heads a bit tell them your online waiting for them. Stuff like that. After you have messed with them for a little while BLOCK them and report them.

That's all there is to it. In my mind these people are easy to spot but for those new online you may need some highlighting of the basic things to look for.

In my next post I will talk about how to spot these slimy low life trolls. So you can have some fun with them as well!

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amir butt - m - 20 From Pakistan said:
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Article Date 1/9/2012 11:09:46 PM
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How To Spot A Fake

As I was saying in the previous post. In my mind it's very easy to spot a fake profile. But for those new online here are some pointers.

First look at the photo. If they look like a cheap movie star then more then likely its a fake account.

Some things to look for are... skimpy little outfits with seductive posses. Also look at the quality of the photograph. Most of them are using professionally made photos with high quality lighting no harsh shadows.

Next look at the profile. Here are some common things to look for.

1. Email address is posted right in the profile.

2. Very young woman that claim age and distance is no issue to them because they are looking for true love.

3. They claim to come from the USA, or UK etc but are now staying in places like Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal etc (this is completely ridiculous because most Americans don't even know where these countries are).

They rarely talk in public. Instead they send you a private chat. Here are common things they will say and do.

1. Send an email right away with explanation that they have pics to send you or so that you can know them better.

2. They will ask for your yahoo ID claiming this system is to slow or that they are new and don't know how to use it.

3. Some will tell you they have important information or business to discuss. Then they will tell you about large sums of money that they need your help getting.

Do not give them your email or other ID's this is what they are on here to get.

Now here is the biggest tip in can give you... Be honest with 'YOUR SELF' do hot horny women approach you in your real life??? then why do you think they will on here?

As the webmaster here i can tell you as soon as one of these trolls posts a hot sexy picture... The guys on here flock to talk to them like sheep being led to slaughter. So before you go rushing off to cyber sex chat these babes keep one thing in mind... chances are your talking to a guy who is posing as a women.

Now how hot is that?

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Ali Raza Gujjar - m - 18 From Pakistan said:
Roj - m - 23 From Nepal said:
alwahaf - f - 21 From Yemen said:
ega - m - 20 From Indonesia said:
Article Date 1/11/2012 7:31:03 PM

Why Do They Want My Yahoo ID

The fakers will always ask for your yahoo ID almost right away. DON'T give it to them!

You want to know why they want your ID?

Because they are going to try and do two things... One... Break into your yahoo account and two... Infect your computer with a viruses.

They will send you emails with links to websites that will try to infect your computer. Why... so they can use your computer to commit further crimes.

When you give them your yahoo ID you are telling them you are easily fooled. Right away they will add your name to a suckers list and give or sell it to other fraudsters.

Once they have your ID they will talk to you to get clues that they can use to guess your password to your email ID

They will also want your facebook ID and use that for the same thing... Looking for clues that make it easy to guess your password. provides you with a safe way to chat with share pictures and even video with people all over the world. On here your identity is safe!

DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR ID's TO STRANGERS!!!! It takes time to build friendship and trust! Use it wisely please...

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Loraine (aina) - f - 30 From Philippines said:
i agree on that because i had a friend who was also a victim of scammer and he was about to go to jail without any idea whats really going on until he found out that someone is using his FB for getting money to other. your info is a big help. thnaks.
malik - m - 33 From Ireland said:
osama - m - 30 From Lebanon said:
GOOD - From Yemen said:
Article Date 1/20/2012 10:10:40 PM

Scammer Face Of The Day

Can anyone tell me who this woman is? She is the most commonly used picture for fake accounts.

When ever i see one of these fakes online using this woman's picture I will ask them who she is.

With out fail they will then say the picture is real and that they are that woman. Even after I point out to them I have seen it used on a thousand other accounts.

Of course they then ask to chat on yahoo They don't seem to understand that I know they are fake... So i send them a nice fake email to wast their time with. or something along that line. It always amazes me that they will always try to add the fake address and ask me why I am not online!

Anyhow take a nice close look at the pic and remember the face.. If you see it you are for sure talking with a faker.

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How is everyone day going
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Hai how r u
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Hw r u abdul piya
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