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Wireless child anti-lost alarm Keep your child and your valuables safe 2. With the wristband anti-lost device...
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25 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever! 06/10/2015
Beggars with smartphones I walk past a beggar in my city and give alms to him regularly. A few days ago I...
Do you help beggars with expensive cellphones
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A Street Beggar with an Expensive Smartphone There is this street I pass by everyday and give alms to a beggar. I few days ag... 05/10/2015
Friends A friend is easy to find but true friend is hard to be found....
A Friend
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Funny Total clip funny...
New Title
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So tonight I ended up at a pimps house and he wouldn’t let me leave and he sol... 03/10/2015
Guardian Angels A God`s servant to watch over man....
The Holy Guardian Angels
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Not so secluded It`s one of the primary reasons people travel: the feeling of going places few... 02/10/2015 Earn Real and legitimate money with these trusted and paying sites for years... 01/10/2015

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